Sharps Disposal

Safe & Compliant Sharps Disposal

Clinical Waste Solutions Ltd are specialists in the collection of sharps disposal containers and disposal of the sharps waste. We offer safe and easy solutions to businesses for the collection and disposal of their sharps waste.

Our sharps disposal services are ideal for industries such as medical and dentistry, nursing and care homes, tattooists and body artists, and veterinary practices.

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Don’t forget our waste management services include the collection & disposal of mixed recyclables and general waste

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What Is Sharps Waste?

Sharps include any device or object that could puncture or lacerate the skin. Common sharps include needles, syringes, scalpels, razor blades, broken glass and open ampules. It is important to dispose of sharps in the correct manner due to the harm they could cause.

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Why Choose CWS For Your Sharps Disposal?

How you dispose of sharps waste says a great deal about how seriously you take the health and safety of your staff and the public. We take the same approach, and are proud to offer:

  • A complete, safe sharps waste management service, suitable for any business producing such waste
  • Reasonably priced services that are flexible to your needs
  • A variety of indoor and outdoor waste containers
  • Collection across the whole of the South West, and the ability to visit multiple business premises
  • Collection times that suit you – whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly or on an ad hoc basis.

Waste Containers We Provide

We provide a wide variety of clinical waste containers that are ideal for our nursing and care home clients. To view our full range of containers, click here.