Clinical Waste Recycling

The UK’s first TOTAL clinical waste recycling solution

Our state of the art waste processor takes your clinical waste and turns it into Environmental Agency approved plastic products. Using this technology, your clinical waste could become plastic furniture, insulation board filling and more!

This unique process allows a wide range of businesses producing commercial waste to be more green. The best part? Your business does its bit for the  environment without any additional waste disposal costs.

Clinical Waste recycling process

Want to learn more about how your clinical waste can be completely recycled, without increasing your own waste disposal costs?

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How does it work?

By choosing our ‘net zero waste to landfill’ solution, nothing changes for you! We collect your waste as normal, and transfer this waste at our state of the art machine in Somerset.

100% of your clinical waste gets processed into high plastic content flock. This can be used to create a variety of items such as plastic furniture and the filling of insulation boards!

Our new clinical waste recycling solution is ideal for industries such as medical and dentistry, nursing and care homes, tattooists and body artists, and veterinary practices.

clinical waste recycling

The process

Once your waste is collected using one of our vans or trucks, we will transport it to our processing plant in Shepton Mallet. Here, it will go through a series of environmentally friendly stages…

  1. CRUSHING – The rotor starts and accelerates gradually, as the material is finely ground and the temperature rises quickly to about 100°C.
  2. EVAPORATION – The heat generated by friction in the material causes the evaporation of the waste moisture and the temperature remains firm at around 100°C.
  3. SUPERHEATING – Once all the moisture has been eliminated, the frictional heat causes the temperature of the material to increase to 151°C.
  4. STERILISATION – The temperature is held firm at 151°C for 3 minutes, under moist heat conditions through controlled water dosage.

The end result? High plastic content flock (just like in the picture above).

Suitable Waste Types & Containers

Our innovative recycling solution is ideal for all clinical waste types! From sharps bins, to 1000L bins, orange and yellow waste bags, and even destruction kits. However you store your clinical waste, you can take advantage of our new service.

Clinical waste containers